Let’s Take a Walk in Christ


Take a walk with me for a brief moment, this is a walk in Christ moment. We are on a journey and the journey is a view of my submission to God. I thought I had my life planned out (sometimes I still do) in the direction I had, I thought I was on the right track, but there was always something in my way. I would become frustrated, upset, and be like God will things ever work out for my good, not knowing I was going about it all the wrong way. My plans I had set for myself were my plans but not God’s plans. God has each of our lives planned out we just have to be willing to go through whatever the situation is and finally see what was always right in front of us. Often times we hear our ministers say – To get what you need, to get where you want to be in life, through all your messy situations you must submit to the will of God. I bet you have heard this countless times, but do you know what it means or how to reach submission? Stop right there and think about this for a moment…submission really is the end result of a full-blown relationship with God. Now let’s continue walking. There are times I find myself being a bit difficult and not wanting to submit to God’s will, and willing to sacrifice as the word tells us we should. I love God and know him and I have seen somethings he’s done for me buuuut, I still at times fall short. Stop for a moment and let’s think about this. How is it hard for me to submit to God's will, but it is easy for me to submit to earthly things that are no good for me, but his will is everything and good for me. Submitting to God allows me to enter into the plan he has for me. Now let’s continue to walk. I understand why I am willing to choose worldly treasures rather than God’s rewards because in the beginning I never understood God’s word and didn’t have a relationship with God. Not having a relationship and a clear understanding of his word made it difficult for me to submit. How does someone submit to God if you do not understand God? As I started reading and studying his word it was then I started to understand God is everything!!! God is my light in the darkness, he brings me out of dark places, and for that, I am thankful for having him in my life. Stop for a moment and think about this…If you try to live your life without having God at the head of your table you are traveling down a road that will lead you to a dead end. In order to live the life you feel you deserve you must submit to God’s will and receive the plans that are in store for you, this is the number one rule while walking with Christ. Giving it all to God is submitting everything and allowing him to lead you in the right direction. Now let’s continue to walk in Christ, through my journey I will submit to God by studying God’s word, applying his word in my daily life. Although it is a hard walk, I know as long as God is leading me I know I will be alright.

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